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Bioavailability, Dosage, Safety

Rapidly absorbed, highly bioactive, efficacious in the broadest possible range of physiological processes, and safe with long-term use.


For the purpose of registering MASQUELIER’s OPCs & French Maritime Pine Bark Extract as a medicine in France, extensive biological, toxicological, and analytical research has been conducted. To test the extent of absorption of MASQUELIER’s OPCs and their distribution in the body, the material was radioactively-labeled. Within ten minutes the blood was already highly radioactive, with maximum levels reached in 45 minutes. In the first hour, the radioactivity appeared in several of the body tissues, particularly blood vessels and connective tissues, suggesting that OPCs were highly bioactive in these tissues. After seven hours, the level was at a little more than one-third of the maximum, indicating that high levels may persist over a prolonged period in the body.

In preliminary tests performed in humans, upon ingestion of 150mgs of MASQUELIER’s OPCs or French Maritime Pine Bark Extract, the OPCs could be detected in the saliva within 1 hour, further showing that MASQUELIER’s OPCs are also rapidly absorbed and bioavailable in humans.

These studies established that MASQUvELIER’s OPCs is rapidly absorbed, entering the blood-stream immediately from the intestinal mucosa and accumulating rapidly in various tissues in the body.


The broad-range health benefits of MASQUELIER’s products have been demonstrated in clinical studies at daily intakes that range between 50–300mgs per day, depending upon individual needs. Because of OPCs affinity with proteins, it is best taken on an empty stomach with plenty of water or fruit juice, but not with milk or other protein containing drinks.


Scientists and clinicians have reported that MASQUELIER’s OPCs & French Maritime Pine Bark Extract are “very safe” and are “excellently tolerated”, with no undue side effects being observed in the various scientific human intervention and animal studies performed during the last 60 years.

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