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From Scientific Discovery To Worldwide Use

Dr. Jack Masquelier authentic OPCs extracts are the standards in the industry today.

i.BioCeuticals is absolutely dedicated to supplying only MASQUELIER’s OPCs & French Maritime Pine Bark Extract products to the North American markets. These raw materials are the result of a distinguished discovery in human health sciences and, from our vantage point, no less significant than the discovery of vitamin C.

“In order to create life, a considerable power of synthesis is needed, so much in fact that plants are exceptionally rich in chemical components and that, when we speak of polyphenols, we are immediately confronted with lists of hundreds and hundreds of components.” [A Lifetime Devoted to OPCs and Pycnogenols, Dr. Jack Masquelier, 1996]

Dr. Jack Masquelier’s pioneering discovery of OPCs in 1948, including their intense vascular-protective and superior antioxidant effects in the human body, led to the first methods of producing medicines from French Pinus maritima bark and Vitis vinifera seeds. Both products primarily contain single and oligomeric forms of the polyphenol substance that is chemically known as the flavan-3-ol molecule. OPCs are distinctive in nature as a colorless polyphenol in a specific molecular size that allows for significant biological functions toward human health. As present in the MASQUELIER’s products, these clusters of flavanols are highly bio-available and extremely biologically active.

Dr. Masquelier’s illustrious 40-year academic career began at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of the University of Bordeaux in 1946. He has been honored with many prestigious titles, including Holder of a Chair in Medicine, Founding Member of the Plant Phenolics Group of Oxford (England), and Founding Member of the Groupe Polyphenol in France. Dr. Masquelier laid the foundation for more than 200 publications, and patented many production-method inventions from which various successful patented pharmaceutical products originated. Dr. Masquelier consistently targeted his work to certain phenolic plant substances, in particular “proanthocyanidins” [for which he originally coined the term “pycnogenols.”]

Since the early development of the MASQUELIER’s products, a significant number of human clinical studies have been published, providing substantial scientific evidence. Likewise, major medical and research institutions continuously corroborate the spectrum of health benefits attributed to each of these two products. Labels bearing the name MASQUELIER’s can be directly linked to the integrity and identity of these authentic raw materials and the ensuing body of science supporting their well-established health benefits.

MASQUELIER’s products quickly reached drug or OTC medicine status in France, and are still on the shelves today due to consumer loyalty and tangible results. Likewise, the MASQUELIER products continue to experience growing use worldwide as medicines, dietary supplements, and as cosmetic ingredients.

Dr. Masquelier is responsible for determining the structure, chemistry, nomenclature, isolation, extracton and application of the flavanol compounds know as oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs). He dedicated his career to the multi-facted biological activities of this antioxidant, vascular system and collagen strengthener.

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