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The Proven Efficacy of MASQUELIER’s OPCs &
French Maritime Pine Bark Extract

i.BioCeuticals is the exclusive North American supplier of MASQUELIER’s OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) and MASQUELIER’s French Maritime Pine Bark Extract, also known as Flavan.® In the sector of health ingredients, our premium products represent the integrity of a series of significant scientific discoveries in health and nutrition, as well as a large body of science spanning 60 years.

MASQUELIER’s OPCs & French Maritime Pine Bark Extract are efficacious in the broadest possible range of physiological processes, are highly bio-active and rapidly absorbed, and they support structure and function claims in seven categories: cardiovascular, antioxidant, collagen health and renewal, anti-aging, leg veins, eye health, and sports recovery.

The distinctive quality of the MASQUELIER products can clearly be seen in the solid product-specific research, clinical studies, rigorous quality-control and comprehensive identity testing, which ensure consistency in composition and the whole-body health benefits. We continue to deliver these premier branded raw materials, honoring the wisdom of nature and the highest standards of the scientific community.

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