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Labeling Policy


It is to the advantage of the brand manufacturer to use the Registered Trademark name MASQUELIER’s. Proper identification ensures customers that they will receive the quality and scientifically-known health benefits they are seeking.

The following rules apply to the use of the trademarked MASQUELIER’s name:

  • The MASQUELIER’s® name can only be used after completing an i.Bioceuticals trademark letter of agreement.
  • When used as a product name, it must appear as: MASQUELIER’s® OPCs or MASQUELIER’s® Original OPCs, and MASQUELIER’s® French Pine Bark Extract.
  • A single serving of the product must contain a minimum of 50mgs of the MASQUELIER’s® products for the right to use the MASQUELIER name on front of the label or as a product name.
  • Products that contain product servings with less than 50mg can only use the MASQUELIER’s name in their list of ingredients whereby the mg per serving is clearly listed for the MASQUELIER’s ingredient.

International use of the MASQUELIER trademark name is only allowed with a separately negotiated contract for use, so as to provide adherence to international trademark laws.

MASQUELIER’s international logo is available for use upon request.

Use of any content on this website or attached PDFs is available by written permission only. Please contact us — it is our interest to support you with the best information available for your specific needs.


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