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Our #1 Priority: The Quality and Health Benefiting Properties of Your Supplement Products

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The story of Maquelier’s scientific discovery of OPCs and the subsequent 60 years of science shed light on a complicated category of products in the marketplace today. With the widespread use of generic expressions seen on labels, including grape seed extract, pine bark extract, polyphenols and even OPC, it is impossible to know the quality or composition of an ingredient. We have concern for consumers who have absolutely no way of determining what is actually being purchased in terms of molecular content, quality, and efficacy. For example, what compounds of the plant are being extracted; does the product's ingredient provide any efficacious properties? As we know, an ingredient can test high in polyphenols, but only contain higher polymer molecules, which are not bioavailable. Therefore, we can conclude that any discussion of grape seed extracts is futile unless there is a significant body of product-specific science.

Dr. Jack Masquelier’s discovery of OPCs, which began the entire category of grape seed extracts, is backed by a significant body of scientific study and clinical research, and stands as one of the most beneficial nutritional substances available. However, to achieve the significant health benefits of MASQUELIER’s OPCs, the product must precisely match the composition profile as discovered and scientifically confirmed by Dr. Masquelier.

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