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MASQUELIER’s French Maritime Pine Bark Extract

Today there is growing consumer awareness regarding the health benefits of French maritime pine bark. This ingredient category began with Dr. Jack Masquelier’s research into a new plant source for OPCs; he was the first scientist to look for a solution in the redness of the bark. This led to the first French plant medicine based on OPCs manufactured from the bark of the Pinus maritima tree. The pine bark was harvested from trees grown in the vast “Les Landes” area on the Acquitaine coasts in the south-west of France. In 1951, the first MASQUELIER’s French Pine Bark Extract patent was registered. More research followed during the 1960s, leading to a second medicine, Flavan® (pine bark), which is still today administered for its cardiovascular system protective and strengthening properties.

Through decades of scientific research, MASQUELIER’s French Pine Bark Extract is known to have extensive vital effects on the human body. Key health benefits include:

  • Supports the body’s natural antioxidant defense system as a powerful free radical scavenger by providing important protection to cell membranes
  • Safeguards the health and viability of the body’s cells, tissues and organ systems
  • Supports vascular integrity and the body in maintaining circulatory function, especially in the capillaries where the actual exchange of nutrients between blood and tissues takes place
  • Strengthens and protects blood vessel walls by reducing fragility
  • Supports the eyes as an antioxidant and also for properties that strengthen capillaries and improve circulation
  • Supports delivery of essential nutrients to the top layers of the skin, beneficial for skin health
  • Supports circulatory health in the legs by maintaining venous sufficiency and by relieving symptoms such as heavy legs and the feeling of swollenness
  • Reduces menstrual cramps, abdominal pain and tenderness
  • Reduces edema of hepatic insufficiency, and edema of the legs
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