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Berkem Plant Manufacturing FacilityA Global Team Supporting The Quality, Science and Distribution Of MASQUELIER’s OPCs & French Maritime Pine Bark Extract

MASQUELIER’s OPCs and French Maritime Pine Bark Extract raw materials were introduced to the international market by the worldwide supplier of the MASQUELIER’s ingredients, International Nutrition Company of The Netherlands (I.N.C.). While Dr. Jack Masquelier’s discovery, extensive scientific research and patented production methods set the standards for these products, I.N.C. and its contract production facility, Berkem S.A., of Gardonne, France, have worked together for decades perfecting the proprietary extraction processes while maintaining the exact quality and consistency of the authentic science-related material.

i.BioCeuticals has been participating in partnership with I.N.C. as the exclusive North American supplier of the Masquelier’s products for the past 20 years, and we are equally committed to working closely with our clients. We support client product goals by offering technical guidance, science substantiation and marketing consultation. i.BioCeuticals also provides regulatory insight and Certificates of Analysis that support GMP manufacturer compliance.

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