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Analytical Testing

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An Introduction To Complex Phytonutrient Authentication (CPA) Testing

We use the most advanced quality assurance methods to ensure identity, quality, and consistency of composition. As represented on MASQUELIER’s OPCs & Pine Bark Extract (Flavan) Certificates of Analysis (COAs) provided by Berkem, France, i.BioCeuticals performs all standard batch identification testing methods to confirm our product profiles. To support GMPs, the three common industry test methods utilized are: Procyanidolic Value, Bate-Smith Reaction, and HPLC, as well as UV, solubilitiy and absorption testing. However, it is widely understood that these tests have limitations in identifying the consistent and specifically desired molecular profile of the MASQUELIER products.

With proper advanced analytical testing, identification definitively and exclusively ties the MASQUELIER’s products directly to the authentic material and body of science that allowed the active principles to obtain pharmaceutical status in France. Continuous CPA testing has confirmed no other materials on the market match the MASQUELIER’s profiles.

CPA Plot ChartComplex Phytonutrient Authentication (CPA) testing is a combination of advanced Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Principle Component Analysis. Product samples are presented as dots in a 3-dimensional plot. Upon testing product samples over time, clusters of a product appear. The dots’ “closeness” or “togetherness” marks the degree of similarity between the samples. Samples that end up in a specific cluster must be considered the same in their total composition. In this chart, samples of MASQUELIER’s OPCs are in yellow. The significance is seen in: 1) the yellow cluster stands apart from competition product samples, and 2) samples approved for pharmaceutical use in France, as well as the samples used in more recent science, also fall within the yellow cluster, which confirms MASQUELIER’s stand-alone link to an autonomous body of product-specific science.

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